Ranking Worpdress Website on Google

After creating your website on WordPress, you would want to rank your site on Google. So that you can get organic traffic from Google. for this you have to learn SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you do SEO properly your site will obviously rank on google on the first page. Then you will get lots of visitors and you will start earning more and more.

Google Search Console Submit

To start with SEO the first thing you will need to do is to index your site on Google. Simply go to Google Search Console search.google.com and then log in with your Google/Gmail account. After that, you will see “Add Site” button. Click on it and then choose the domain method. Then write down your site’s domain now they will ask you to verify your domain. There are 3-4 options to verify your domain. But I would suggest you the HTML file Upload method. They will give you a file that you need to upload to your site’s root directory. After that click verifies on the search console area. If you update your file properly then it will show you verification complete and proceed you to the dashboard of your Google search console. Congratulations you have successfully added your site to the Google search console. 

Install Yoast Plugin

The next process is in your WordPress dashboard area. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugin section. Search for “Yoast” in the plugin search bar. You will see the Yoast SEO plugin simply click install and activate it. After activating go to yoast settings and in advanced option called XML sitemap. Just click on the link and it will redirect you to your sitemap. A siteMap is a map where it contains all the pages from your website. It is actually a map that enables the search engines to properly index your whole site in search results. In this case, you will have to add this to your Google search console. Simply copy the whole site map link and go to the Google search console area and you’ll find an option called sitemap. Just click on it and I will ask you to add your sitemap. Just put your copied URL and paste it there and submit. Then it should show active under sitemap in green color. If it doesn’t show try a few more times it will show. Now Google will start crawling your site and start showing it to google search results. It may take up to a few days or weeks to fully show your site on Google search results. You can search with Site:Yourdomain.com on Google then it will show only result from your site. 

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

There are two kinds of SEO. On-page SEO and off-page SEO. On page is where you do something on your site to make it optimized for search engines and off page adding links in already ranked sites. The first thing you have to do is optimize your site for search engines I mean on-page SEO. You have already installed Yoast Plugin to do on-page SEO.

Configuring Yoast settings for On-Page SEO

On Yoast go to the setting site title. There you will have to put your site name with your site slogan or any other keywords. For example, as Site name “HealthCare” slogan or keyword would be like health is wealth or health is everything. Here you will have to use your creativity to represent your brand or site. Then you will find the category there. You can set the category title according to your site. You can also put a simple description on your category page that’s called metadata. This will also help your site’s category page to rank on Search Engines. Like this, you can set SEO for all the pages of your site. If you create a new category it will by default set that SEO settings to the new category.

Now here comes the important part of on-page SEO. You have to set SEO on your post. You have to do it manually on every single post on your website. Your website will rank on google using your post only. So if you did complete SEO on a post on your site properly there is a chance it will rank your site and you’ll get visitors. While writing in your post you have to search for Focus Keyphrase. What topic is trending right now, which keyphrase has less competition but more value? You can use tools like Semrush and more for this particular task. Yoast also provides you keyphrase search on the post. You can also use that. So after writing a post on WordPress you have to go down and you will see the SEO settings for that post. There you will find the focus keyphrase. Put your focus key phrase on that box. After that you will find the SEO title, this part is the part that shows on Google search results in the heading of a site post. Make sure your focus keyphrase is also available on your SEO title. The title should not be too big or too small it will show with a bar with orange or green color. When it is green it means it is perfect. Then you will find a meta description. It is the small description that shows up after the SEO title. Make sure your focus keyphrase is also available here. After that, you will have to copy your focus keyphrase from the first box and put it in your content paragraph. You must put it after the first paragraph. You will see a green circle in the upper taskbar. That means you have done the SEO process correctly. Now your site is ready to rank on Google on the first page. You have to do more and more posts and do Seo correctly. Make sure to do some research on the Focus keyphrase that which one is trending and which one is not and make an article on the trending topic. If you do this process you will obviously start seeing results in 2-3 months. Make sure to do some unique type of content that is nowhere available on the internet. A topic that people are searching for but not getting a sufficient results. There is a big chance in that field you can grow too fast.

Off-Page SEO

After doing on-page SEO properly, you can go for off-page SEO. In off-page SEO you have to create backlinks. Backlink means your website link on another website that is already ranked on google. You can contact me on any already ranked website and make a deal to add your website’s link to their ranked post. This is how you can make your website ranked quickly.  You can use some tools that are available on the internet for creating backlinks. Some of those tools are free but most of those are paid. That means you will have to pay a lot of money for creating backlinks. I would suggest not to spend much money on backlinks. You should focus on content and doing page SEO properly. Your site will obviously rank on google.

After doing all this stuff, you should do proper posts every day. You will obviously see results in one or two months. You can also check the impression and click on Google search results using your Google search console dashboard. You can see which post is engaging more and which one is not. Then you can modify your content as you need and get more visitors. Sometimes it takes time to rank on google. But you have to be patient. You have to keep researching trending focus keyphrase and lower competitive keywords. In one word you have to find gaps and take action in them. That’s the secret. You have to do something that no one is doing that will give you a chance to be ranked quickly. If you understand all the things and apply them properly to your site then your site will obviously rank and it will bring you some passive income.