Create a Website for Free

A website is a complete combination of different web pages. That can be created for different purposes. Right now there is about a 1.7Billion websites exist on the internet. It is a way to share knowledge and earn money from it. So if you are new to this area. I am here to guide you on how to create your first website for free.

There are so many ways to create a website. I am going with beginner level. Everything on this will be for free. Now I am going to talk about some popular ways to create a website for free. Some popular sites give space and features to create a website. But all of these sites have some limitations because it is free. Like they have a free subdomain. A subdomain is like a site address. Like domain is and the subdomain is So let’s get started.

Blogger is a site from google. That has so many features to create a website. It will give you a domain like Blogger has a lot of features. Such as different premium-looking website themes. That won’t require any type of coding knowledge. Just edit in an easy user interface and your website is ready within a few minutes. Blogger is good for begging-level blogging websites. Blogger has some themes for portfolio, and gallery sites. You can use that also. Some developer design themes for bloggers and sells them for money. They are the premium ones. But free themes are also good. For an eCommerce site, you have to go with a premium theme. But I don’t suggest bloggers for e-commerce sites. It is only good for blogs and portfolios. Many big-level sites ranked by google properly use bloggers for their sites. Yeah, they bought a custom domain and used blogger for their site hosting. Because it is free. So your first choice will be always a blogger. You will find tons of tutorials on youtube on how to start a blogger site. If you want to earn money from creating a website. You can start a blog site on blogger and learn some stuff about SEO so that you can get visitors to your site. When you start getting the traffic you can get approval for AdSense and convert your traffic into money. It is that simple. Everything I told there is a specific tutorial on each topic on youtube.

WordPress is the 2nd people popular website creating site. It gives subdomain for free users. It has features like blogger. You can customize that theme. Again this is only for blogs or portfolio sites. It has some limitations like it has 3Gb storage for all of your things like media posts etc. is the world-famous PHP script for website building. 30-40% of sites on the Internet are made on a WordPress PHP script. The PHP script is free but the PHP is for self-hosted sites. For that thing, you have to buy hosting and domains to run it. Keep that in mind. But for beginners is fine. You can go to their site to see all the features if you like them. Go with it. Create your first website on WordPress.

Github Webpages maybe you know about this. Github is like social media for developers. It gives the developer a space to showcase their project in real life. Where users can download and upload different files. Besides uploading projects they can also upload their website files such as index.html and others. And the website will run under subdomain. Anyone can visit your website by going to that subdomain. But for this thing, you must have some coding knowledge. You have to learn at least HTML, CSS, and a little bit of javascript. After learning you can make your website my codes. It is that easy. If you don’t know how to code. You can hire a developer or do some free course on HTML CSS and create your website files. The advantage is you can create anything on Github. It doesn’t have any limitations. There are some similar services like Github. Where you can do the same thing. But I will prefer to go with GitHub.

Sites by Google is google’s new feature to create websites. Unlike bloggers, it has no limitations. The files are hosted on your account on google drive. And you just need to set up your website files and set your website on google site. It is like GitHub. But the user interface is simple. You just need index.html files for your homepage. Again for this thing, you need coding knowledge. There are some tools available on the internet where you can create a website structure on a simple UI. Like drag and drop things. And then you will be able to generate an HTML code from there. Some of the tools come at a price but many of them are free. Mac has its own app for it. That is the bootstrap station. Where you can create a website code without any coding knowledge. After generating the codes just upload the files on-site by google. And your website is ready to go. The site is also good for SEO. Google will help you if you do the basics of SEO. Your site will be ranked on google within a month. in Free Hosting

WordPress is the best tool available to create a website without any coding background. But for this, you need hosting and domain. That thing comes at a price. But there is some site that provides free hosting and subdomain under their main domain for free. But it has so many limitations. Like your sites will have a tiny amount of bandwidth, io, storage. When you create your website in WordPress and launch it they will show your site’s usage high and make your site down. And tell you to buy their premium plans. This is the marketing strategy to sell their product. Some of the highlighted free hosting services are Infinityhost,000webhost, etc. But there is an Indian free hosting service that gives users a space to create websites for free. It has 1Gb storage and 100Gb monthly bandwidth which is enough for beginners. Then they will also give you a free domain name under their domain name. That will just work fine for beginners. That site name is “GoogieHost”. First, go and sign up there. Then choose the free hosting. Then they will tell you to give some reasons why you need free hosting. Make sure to give some good reasons. Then they will take some time to review your account and approve it. But they will approve your account in 2-3 days. If they don’t. Main to their official mail address. Then they will enable your account. It is a free hosting for a lifetime. You can run WordPress or any other website script there.

Here we go. In the end, I will suggest you go with blogger or googie host free hosting if you really want to create a website on a begginer level. Best of luck.