Configuring Webserver for Hosting Website

If you want to create your website then first you have to buy hosting or a web server for your website where your website files will be hosted. There are many kinds of hosting, Shared hosting, VPS, and Dedicated server. If you are a starter then I will suggest you start with VPS. Many people will suggest you go with shared hosting but shared hosting cant handle many visitors. Your website will crash with few visitors. There are many limitations in shared hosting. That’s why you have to buy VPS for your starting.

Cheap VPS

While buying VPS many popular companies will try to attract you by showing their Fast SSD storage and another thing. But be careful, in VPS most of the things are shared. Like CPU and Ram. Cpu is the most important thing if you are going to face high traffic. So do some research and compare each company and which one is providing more CPU Core at a cheap cost. And also Ram. Some cheap VPS providing companies are Contabo, Estoxy, etc. You can try them.

Cloud Server

You can get a cloud server from amazon AWS, google cloud, digital ocean, etc. But you have to be technical to understand the cloud servers.

Connecting Server

When you are done purchasing VPS or cloud servers for your website to host. Make sure to use Centos as your server operating system. Then you have to connect your server using SSH. To connect you need to have your VPS Ip Address, Centos User, and Password. Which your provider will email you once you set your OS. Then open your Computer and download the Putty ssh client on your computer. It is free. After installing open Putty and put your server Ip Address on the Ip Adress Tab and just click the connect button. It will then load and connect to your server. Then it will ask you for a login. Put there your CentOs username. And then the user’s Password just put it and hit enter.

Installing Control Panel

The Control panel will give you a GUI to manage your web server. Like it will automatically install necessary server applications like Apache, Nginx, etc. You don’t need to type any kind of code to activate anything. You can click and install other necessary applications for a webserver. Some popular control panels are CPanel, and Direct Admin Panel. But you have to pay a monthly bill for those panels. So I suggest you not use paid panel. There is a free control panel which is enough for personal use. That is Aapanel.

Installation Guide for Aapanel:

Installation is simple for Aapanel. Make sure you install CentOS Version 7 on your vps or server. Because It is recommended by Aapanel to use centos7. Recommended Ram is above 768MB. Then open your VPS using the SSH client and log in.

Then copy the below code:

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash aapanel

Put and press Enter. Then it may take up to 15 minutes to fully install. When done Aapanel will show a message at the bellow of the screen showing a login URL like this:

Than a User And Password. Make sure you copy this thing and save it somewhere safe. Now log in using your panel and enjoy your web server. You can do all the things like adding free SSL to your website. Make sure to use Cloudflare while adding your website. This will make your website secure from hackers. Use the Apache server on your panel. Because for Nginx you might have to configure some settings to use it properly. Another advantage of aapanel is in every 1 or 2 months you will get an update.

Help/Support for Aapanel


For aapanel’s official forum support. Ask your question there, and the developer and support team will help you.

There are also a few other control panels that you can use for your server. Same process for all of these. Some popular free control panels are Cyber Panel, Fast Panel, and Vista Panel. These are the best ones. After aapanel cyber panel is the best panel. There you can get all the core features. You will get multiple users accounts like Cpanel. There is one click installation feature for many scripts including WordPress in cyber panel. There is an email server, FTP, DNS, and all other feature that Cpanel has. But some features are paid. You will have to buy paid plan to access all the extra features. The installation system for Cyberpanel below:

The cyber panel requires Centos Version 7 or 8, Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04, and Almalinux 8. You will have to install a fresh os before installing the cyber panel. After that paste the code on your freshly installed os using ssh:

sh <(curl || wget -O –

This will install the requirements and install the panel. It may take up to 10 to 15 minutes. Cyberpanel uses aLiteSpeed web server which will serve your site super fast. Besides, you will also get free SSL and so many tools which are necessary for managing a website. You can create multiple users and set each user usage limit to sell hosting services.

Fast panel is another free control panel. It has a really good-looking user interface. It is also user-friendly. You can easily manage your server using this panel. You can simply install fast panel in almost all popular Linux os. Just put these codes below and install:

For Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get update; apt-get install wget

For Centos/Almalinux:

yum makecache; yum install wget

After that the Final Code to install Fastpanel:

wget -O – | bash –

Paste all these codes and enter. It will take some time and then you will see a congratulations message and user login and password to login to your panel area. This is very simple. But be careful fast panel sometimes show some error if your site gets a lot of visitors. You can try changing the server application from apache to Nginx. This might solve the issue.

All of these panel has a community forum to get help. Above all these panel aapanel is the best. It is optimized properly. Their forum is also active and if you ask any question there the developer will answer properly. So not to worry.