Can Smart Phone Camera beat Digital Camera?

If you are curious about whether can smartphone camera beat a digital camera. The simple answer is No, Big No. But to understand all the things you have to first understand some basic concepts about cameras. The main reason smartphone cameras can not defeat digital cameras is Sensor Size. The sensor is like the heart … Read more

Must Use Mobile Application

A mobile phone without an application is nothing but a box. There are so many applications available in many app stores such as the play store, and the Apple app store. But today I am going to talk about some underrated mobile applications that you should use. Google Files Yeah, this is an application from … Read more

Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone

A smartphone is now a basic tool for humans. Nowadays we use it for everything. Taking photos, writing notes, calling, using the internet, and so on.   There is a huge amount of brands, and companies of phones available in the market. It is not that easy to decide on one smartphone from this huge market. … Read more