Things to Consider while Buying Hosting

If you are going to start your website on WordPress or any other platform, then the first problem you are facing is hosting. If you search on Google and YouTube everyone will refer you to the popular one with an affiliate link so that they can also earn a commission from your purchase. If you … Read more

Can Smart Phone Camera beat Digital Camera?

If you are curious about whether can smartphone camera beat a digital camera. The simple answer is No, Big No. But to understand all the things you have to first understand some basic concepts about cameras. The main reason smartphone cameras can not defeat digital cameras is Sensor Size. The sensor is like the heart … Read more

Movie Release Formats

Nowadays movies and series have become very popular. People around the world watch movie or series in different ways. Those movies are released in different qualities and different sizes. They are different in size and quality because of the source taken from and the medium used to take from.Those are usually encoded in popular formats. … Read more

Budget friendly DSLR Lens

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Crypto Mining Rig Build

Crypto mining is now one of the most profitable things to make money. If you don’t know what Crypto mining is I’m going to give a brief explanation of what Crypto mining is. Crypto mining is a process where a crypto coin transaction is made using any mining machine power and after the transaction, the … Read more

Blu-ray Disc Audio Codecs/soundtracks

On a Blu-ray disc Dolby Digital, DTS-HD master audio LPCM, etc. can be presented as an audio codec. Some of the audio codecs are mandatory and some are optional. Some years ago there were only seven audio soundtracks that can be supported on a Blu-ray player. Three of them were mandatory and four were optional. … Read more

Low budget Camera buying guide

If you are searching for a camera and don’t have that expensive budget then this post is for you. I am going to suggest to you some budget-friendly cameras. While buying a camera you have to consider two things one is your camera body and the other is the camera lens. For the beginner level, … Read more

Gaming PC suggestion

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone

A smartphone is now a basic tool for humans. Nowadays we use it for everything. Taking photos, writing notes, calling, using the internet, and so on.   There is a huge amount of brands, and companies of phones available in the market. It is not that easy to decide on one smartphone from this huge market. … Read more