Things to Consider while Buying Hosting

If you are going to start your website on WordPress or any other platform, then the first problem you are facing is hosting. If you search on Google and YouTube everyone will refer you to the popular one with an affiliate link so that they can also earn a commission from your purchase. If you … Read more

Backup for WordPress Website

After getting visitors to your website, you would want to take a backup of your site on a daily or monthly basis. You can create an automatic backup using some plugins on WordPress. Why you should take backup: Suppose you make changes on your site on 1 April and on 3rd April your site crashed … Read more

Movie Release Formats

Nowadays movies and series have become very popular. People around the world watch movie or series in different ways. Those movies are released in different qualities and different sizes. They are different in size and quality because of the source taken from and the medium used to take from.Those are usually encoded in popular formats. … Read more

Best Free Cloud Storage Options

Nowadays storage is one of the common problems for both Mobile and PC Users. We all know how much an hard disk or External SD card costs. And day by day our data is getting huge. For example, an average phone camera is around 60-100 Megapixels, and its photo size is around 20-30 MB. A … Read more