Best WordPress Plugin to Use

WordPress is the best CMS available to create a website for Free. You can easily create a website on WordPress within a few days. To add more features you have to add a plugin in WordPress. Now I am going to suggest to you some best plugins for WordPress.


Elementor is not a plugin that is free to use. It is a drag-and-drop page builder. You can design your web pages with it. It has so many tools that you can use while designing your web pages. This website has some cool features that we can use to give your website a  professional look. So go ahead and start your website with elementor. This plugin also has elementor pro version where can get more awesome tools to create a website. There is some other third-party plugin that works with elementor page builder. If you use elementor you can also get them if you need them. There are a lot of tutorials on elementor so you can learn all the features within one or two days.

WP rocket

if you ask me which is the best plugin on WordPress for caching. This will give you all the pro features of caching. So that your site loads within seconds. Caching is really important to load your site fast. But this plugin is not free you have to pay to buy it. But this is the best plugin for caching. You can also create cdn cloud delivery network with wp-rocket.


If you need a forum website then you can go with the BB press plugin. You can customize every section of that form. this will give you a log-in area and other think at a forum website should have. Is also SEO friendly you can also monetize it in AdSense. You can use elementor along with this.

All in one WP

If you ask me what is the most important thing for a website. You have to take backup weekly or regularly according to your work. So that you can take action if anything happens. All-in-one WP plugin gives you options to backup monthly or hourly odd even daily. It also has a migration system so if you install the backup on a different domain that will also migrate your previous website content to the new domain. It has also a remote backup system where you can use your Google drive one drive or other storage as a backup. But some of its features are paid for so you have to buy to get all the features. But it really worth it if you are doing backup regularly wise. You can take backup and you can restore your backup in one click.

Lite Speed Cache

If you are searching for a free cache plugin, then the best option after wp-rocket is open Litespeed cache. You’ll get is almost all the features that wp-rocket has. But the LiteSpeed cache plugin is only for openlitespeed server. So if you have root access to a server make sure to install openlitespeed server instead of the Apache server. Then you can install LiteSpeed cache plugin and cache your website.


So do you want to add more features to your website comment? You should add the Disqus plugin. It will give you a cool-looking comment section with many features such as photos and gifs so and so on. this is available on all platforms. You can add it on any website but for WordPress, you have to install their official plugin.

Activity Log

If your website has multiple users then you might want to know the activity log. In that case, there is a plugin called activity log and what is happening on your site and which user is doing. So you can check on every user on your website whether it is an admin or editor or a normal user.

Yoast Seo Plugin

Seo is the most important thing if you are running a Blog website on WordPress. to take care of your SEO you need to install the Yoast SEO plugin this is the best plugin available on WordPress for SEO. All core features are actually free you can also get the paid plan if you want. Yoast will do 90% of your Seo work automatically.

Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is another backup plugin for WordPress. You can create a full site backup using this plugin. Unlike all in one wp, you will get all the core features for free in an updraft. All in one wp will limit your backup restore to 500MB. But with updraft, you will get unlimited size site backup and restore. It also supports almost all kinds of cloud storage for backup. But you can only choose one. After doing all the settings you can set your backup daily hourly weekly or monthly. Then it will automatically create a backup according to your settings. If you set cloud storage like google drive(recommended) then it will create a backup and send that copy to your google drive. It will also keep a copy of the backup in your server storage. This is how you have multiple backups. You can also set how many backups you want to keep. Then it will automatically delete those backups which are older than your set days. This is how you can keep all the latest backups.


Duplicator is another plugin that you can use for backup and but it is specially used for migration. If you are changing your domain you will have to migrate your site. You can use a duplicator for this. Use duplicator to create an installation file for your new site. After this import that installation file and run your site, this will take a few minutes and your site will be ready to serve under a completely new domain. 

Wordfence Security

If you are facing any kind of virus attack on your site you can use this plugin to completely remove viruses from your WordPress site. This plugin will also give you the feature to add an extra security layer to your website. You can add 2step authentication using this plugin. This plugin will also show you live threads in the dashboard and it will neutralize any threads using ai. You can also configure a firewall using this plugin. You can keep multiple IPs blocked and make any IP temporarily blocked. If anyone puts too many wrong passwords in the login area this plugin will automatically lock that IP from accessing the site. You can change all the settings for all of these features. This plugin will also keep your website safe from all kinds of malware attacks.

These are the best plugin that you should use on your WordPress website. Good luck with your website.