Ranking Worpdress Website on Google

After creating your website on WordPress, you would want to rank your site on Google. So that you can get organic traffic from Google. for this you have to learn SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you do SEO properly your site will obviously rank on google on the first page. Then you will … Read more

Best Antivirus Software for Windows PC

If you are using any Windows machine like Windows PC or laptop, you might already face virus problems on Windows Device. To protect your device from viruses you must use better antivirus software to prevent your important files from viruses. There is an inbuilt Windows defender system, but that doesn’t have that much power to … Read more

Things to Consider while Buying Hosting

If you are going to start your website on WordPress or any other platform, then the first problem you are facing is hosting. If you search on Google and YouTube everyone will refer you to the popular one with an affiliate link so that they can also earn a commission from your purchase. If you … Read more

Backup for WordPress Website

After getting visitors to your website, you would want to take a backup of your site on a daily or monthly basis. You can create an automatic backup using some plugins on WordPress. Why you should take backup: Suppose you make changes on your site on 1 April and on 3rd April your site crashed … Read more

Remove Malware from WordPress Website

If your website is infected by Malware then follow the below steps to Remove Malware from the WordPress website. When your site is infected with Malware your site will usually redirect to another site or there will show unwanted ads from the attacker. How to check if your site is infected by Malware: Visit Sucuri … Read more

Can Smart Phone Camera beat Digital Camera?

If you are curious about whether can smartphone camera beat a digital camera. The simple answer is No, Big No. But to understand all the things you have to first understand some basic concepts about cameras. The main reason smartphone cameras can not defeat digital cameras is Sensor Size. The sensor is like the heart … Read more

All about Discord

Discord is a VOIP chatting system where a user can send messages, create audio and video calls, stream any videos and send media & files in private chats or in a community called a server. Discord was initially released 6 years ago on 13th May 2015. Now in 2021, Discord has over 150 million monthly … Read more

Best WordPress Plugin to Use

WordPress is the best CMS available to create a website for Free. You can easily create a website on WordPress within a few days. To add more features you have to add a plugin in WordPress. Now I am going to suggest to you some best plugins for WordPress. Elementor Elementor is not a plugin … Read more